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    Automatic series of animations

    Super_Noodles Level 1

      Hi, I don't know if this can be done. But any advice or help would be hugely greatful.


      This is what I have:

           - A 3D model of a town

           - A number of animations of a person such as walking (of various lengths e.g. 2m, 5m, 10m) talking on phone, looking around, calling a cab etc

           - Each start and end frame of the animations are all the same so that 1 can lead directly off the other - smooth transition.


      What I am trying to do:

           - The user to my site selects a first animation, then a second, and third and so on.

           - This will probably be stored in a global variable for example: "walk,phone,look_around"

           - The person in the scene then needs to do all these animations in that order automatically with the town scene behind her.

           - I do not know where to start and have no idea how 'phone someone' can be run after 'walking' as the end point (co-ordinates) of 'walking' (the first animation in this example) will probably be different in every animation.

           - The camera cannot fix on the person, they must be walking away or towards the camera.


      I'm sorry if this does not make much sense. Thankyou