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    FLVPlayback component properties automatically added to custom component bug




      I saw (again) a very annoying bug in Flash CS5 authoring tool in my latest project that drives me crazy...


      The short story : When you create a new custom component (by adding some component properties to a Movieclip) and add a FLVPlayback component in it, the custom component inherits all of the FLVPlayback properties, BUT not immediatly. Tou have to save your document and when you open it again and check the properties of your custom component, it has all the FLVPlayback properties added.


      Here is the bug description that I have submitted in the bug report :


      Concise problem statement:
      When adding a FlvPlayback component in a custom component, this custom component inherits the properties of the FLVplayback component.


      Steps to reproduce bug:
      1. Launch Flash CS5 ( FR
      2. Create a new document. 
      3. Draw a square.
      4. Make it a Movieclip.
      5. Add it a custom component parameter.
      6. Add a FLVPlayback in this new custom component.
      7. Save the document and quit Flash CS5.
      8. Open the document, check the component parameters properties panel.


      Results: The parameters of the FLVPlayback are added to the custom component parameters.


      Expected results: The parameters of the FLVPlayback should not be added to the custom component parameters.


      The very, VERY annoying thing is when you link your component with an AS Class and compile.There is as many compiler error as FLVPlayback properties, like this one :


      Symbole 'myCustomComponent', Calque 'customComponent', Image 1    1119 : Accès à la propriété align peut-être non définie, via la référence de type static my.package:MyCustomComponent.


      It says that my custom component doesn't have a property called 'align' ... I know there isn't !! This is the Flash CS5 authoring tool that have added this property !! This is a property of the FLVPlayback, not one of my custom component !!


      And even if you remove the added properties in the definition of your component (in the library) and save, each time you open your document, the FLVPlayback's properties appear again ! So you have to remove the properties, each time you open your document.


      But here comes the funny part. Once the properties removed, you still have the compiler's errors. In order to compile properly, you have to deploy every property panel of every custom component occurence on your scene, in each Movieclip. Just deploy. No other action. As if you have to say : "You can see it, Flash CS5 ? There are no other properties!". If you add to this the (numerous) daily crashes of Flash CS5, you can imagine the time spent to remove the properties and deploy the panels...


      So my question is, have you experience this bug and, if you have, how did you manage this ?


      Thanks a lot.