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    Tips on working on a Project between a Desktop and a laptop


      Hello all,


      I am looking for pointers on how best to set up a Project so that I can toggle between a Desktop and Laptop as far as working on the Project.  Because I am somewhat new to Elements, I have to get through understanding certain things on how the program works.


      For example, it appears as though all clips have to be imported into Organizer before clips can be put on the timeline right?  However, it seems as though the clips are not stored in the same place as say your project.  This makes it difficult to find all the files needed to transfer to one file folder so I can go back and forth between my Desktop and laptop.


      Obviously, I would use my laptop to do mostly clip editing and placement on the timeline.  Any CPU hungry processing would be reserved for the desktop but I have been unsuccessful thus far in making the smooth transition between the two machines.


      Any and all pointers are welcomed.