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    New to Flex, and questions about setting up Projects

      Hello, all. My role as Information Architect means I work less on the develoment side and more on the conceptual side of the web industry. I usually create wireframes or paper prototypes for the site I work on. My inner geek has been learning Flex, and I feel that Flex is a breakthrough product in terms of creating rapid prototypes of new features for my web site.

      That being said, I'm having trouble making Flex do simple things I want it to do. My idea was to mirror each page template on my existing site with an MXML document that represents the page. I want to create links between each template.

      I know the point is to break out of the 'page' metaphor, but, for my purposes (adding features to an existing page-based application), i'd like to model my current web application. My goal is to be able to link from one MXML file to another. I'm confused as to how to accomplish this w/in Flex.

      My current idea is to wrap each compiled MXML application in an HTML wrapper, then use Action Script to point each link, button, etc, to the URL of the appropriate HTML file. Did I even say that correctly? Is this the 'right' way to accomplish such a task?

      Thanks for any help or insight.
      Jim DiStefano