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    New computer, new problems.


      Hey guys, I usually use adobe premiere elements 8 on my old desktop (which doesnt even have internet anymore...) So editing became a laborous task involving moving projects from one computer to another to upload them to my youtube....anyway, I got a new fancy Asus laptop with windows 7 64 bit home premium. Then I was blessed once again with the means to purchase a CONTOUR HD! this records in .MOV files which my new laptop can view but the desktop doesnt. I tried installing the right codecs n such but to no avail...SOI tried installing the same software on my new laptop only to find you guys had updated to 9 so I downloaded the trial then tried to upgrade with my old code which I thought would work....and It didnt. and to my rage the trial watermarks all video -.-. ANYWAY I guess the question is can I download 8 somewhere so that my code works, or should my code work I just need to disable it on my desktop or something...because thats no longer connected to the internet.... Any suggestions?