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    Benefits to multiple video cards in Premier Pro CS5?


      I purchased Premiere Pro CS5 for a video editing workstation that I use but the computer is too slow for CS5 to run. So in the meantime I am running CS4 on it, but I'm working out what to buy for the replacement computer. It will be a 64 bit Windows 7 install.


      It seems to be difficult to get hard data on what video card I should get. The GTX470 I can pick up for cheap and it looks to have two times the number of stream processors compared to the cheapest Quadro card, for a third of the price.


      Also, the motherboard I'm looking at looks like it can support 3 GTX470s in SLI mode. Is Premiere able to take advantage of the stream processors in multiple video cards simultaneously? And does running in SLI mode affect this one way or the other?