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    PRE 9 update?


      When loading PRE9 this morning, the download mgr advised of a program update. I agreed to the update and completed the download. I cannot determine/confirm if the download was successful i.e. Help>About nor find any references to advise the reason for this upgrade.

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          nealeh Level 5

          Any Adobe program updater looks for updates to all installed Adobe software. If you also have Photoshop Elements 9 there is an update ( to the program to fix issues on single processor machines. Also an update to Camera Raw to v6.2.


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            I would like to know the reason for the PSE update In the Adobe Application Manager, there is this incomplete statement:

            "This update fixes a problem on Single core CPU's... Learn More"

            Clicking on 'Learn More' brings up the Adobe Products update page but nothing at all on the PSE update.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Maybe someone on the PSE forum can shed some light on that update. Mention was also made of an update for ACR, the Camera RAW converter, which gets updated, as new cameras come on line, and maybe this was a roll-up of a little code in PSE plus ACR?


              Adobe is usually pretty good at getting out details of the high-points in updates, but not always.


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