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    ComboBox's private processInputField function...

    tehxike1 Level 1

      I have a Spark ComboBox that's showing a list of people's names, in the format: Last, First.


      Doe, Jane

      Doe, John


      I've provided a custom itemMatchingFunction for ComboBox in hopes of matching either the Last name, or the first name.  But when the user starts typing "J", "Doe, Jane" is put into the TextInput, so further typing of "o" for John now makes the prompt "Do".  It seems like the custom itemMatchingFunction isn't particularly useful when the processInputField is private and this behavior can't be changed.  Working around this is fairly difficult, since many of the methods and variables used are private or mx_internal...


      Are there any plans to remedy this, or do I need to throw a Jira at a developer?