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    AVCHD Sequences and monitoring

    shooternz Level 6

      I did a camera test and have some footage  as files ( .MTS)


      I have done very little with AVCHD and I am un familiar with it largely...so I have a question.


      I opened a Sequence by dragging the mts file onto the New Item Icon.


      The clip is a slowish pan across some items on a table top.


      I was alarmed to see that the Program Monitor was displaying what is called  "CMOS wobble"


      ie. parts of the image laterally (in a pan) get misaligned then catch up then misalign again in a wobbly manner.  (NOT like interlacing issue - different because the wobble is over many lines)


      When I exported a wmv and a QT .mov of the issue...it does not display the wobble!


      I then used tjhe same clip in a P2 sequence.  The wobble does not display!


      Now I am trying to work out WHY?


      Is the AVCHD sequence in PPRO screwing up the monitoring  of the  mts footage?


      Why is it ok in the P2 sequence and in the export?


      I have no other way of playing the mts footage outside of Premiere...do I ?


      Thoughts please.