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    Has the rendering engine improved since version 4?

    plampione Level 1

      I am still on version 4 of premiere elements and I just learned by searching through some old posts that you can export a video as .mp4 by selecting the mobile phone option.  I never knew this and for years have been exporting as mpeg2 and using handbrake and other software to convert to mp4 so i can tag it.  I was very excited to learn this and assumed I had to upgrade to get it.  But I checked and the option exists in version 4!  All this time and I have been double rendering for no reason.


      Anyway, now that I have been looking at upgrading I am curious if anyone knows if the software has improved its exporting abilities since version 4 (meaning, will I get improved output quality if I upgrade or is it the same?)  Definitely willing to upgrade to get improved quality, there are no other new features that I must have (though some look interesting).


      Thanks in advance for any help, figure if I am going to do it might as well do it now while I can buy it for $50.