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    Graphics card


      I am in the process of building my new computer.


      I will work in a Windows 7 (64 bit) environment, with CS5
      I mainly use Premiere pro, Photoshop (extended), Illustrator, Dreamweaver,  and Encore


      My System so far is:
      Core i7 980x (6 cores)
      24 GB Memory (PC3-10600)
      Motherboard: GA-X58A-UD7


      The only thing that I have not resolved yet is the graphics card. I have checked the Adobe recommendations, and read the threads on this forum, and still I am not sure what graphics card will give me the optimum performance. (speed and quiet)


      Your recommandations on the subject will be greatly appreciated

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          nVidia GTX 470 - many brands, nVidia makes the chips, other vendors make the actual cards

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            FelixUnderwood Level 2

            Your main 3 components there are nearly identical to mine, save for RAM speed. Anyway, I just bought a GTX580. It's only advantage over earlier GTX models are it dissipates heat much more efficiently and this results in a much quieter fan and cooler computer case. Perfornance wise, you won't gain much over a GTX470. The GTX580 is about $525 on Newegg. The GTX470 is half that price.

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              Soula-55 Level 1

              Thanks Felix,

              It sounds reassuring.... cooler and less noisy sounds cool!!!

              I can surely spend some extra $ for peace and quiet.... after all, tis the season....

              I have also read good reviews about GTX580. It seems though, if rumors are correct, that there will be a new card by nvidia early december, so I wonder if I should wait a bit, just in case....

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                FelixUnderwood Level 2

                I wouldn't blame you for waiting, because the 580 is overkill for MPE...at this point. If Nvidia comes out with a significantly less expensive card with the same heat dissipating technology that the 580 has, you might be able to save a couple hundred. And as you said, "tis the season!"

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                  Soula-55 Level 1

                  I like the "at this point".... it kind of makes one think...


                  Anyway I cannot aford to wait too too long...

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    Palit announced that on December 7 their GTX 570 will be available.


                    30-11-2010 11-32-24.jpg

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                      Soula-55 Level 1

                      Thanks Harm.


                      This is going to be more difficult than anticipated......

                      At this point, seems to be very hard to get hold of the GTX580, the "out of stock" label stares me!!!!

                      Only GIGABYTE & ZOTAC offer it right now.


                      Now here is an academic question: is there a slight difference between all these GTX 580 offered by GIGABYTE-ZOTAC-EVGA-ASUS-PALIT-PNY-MSI ? Or are they all the same card exactly with absolutely no difference?


                      I can wait a few more days to see if the GTX570 will be available and at what price. On the other hand we know you guys have tested the 580 and proved it to be a good card, so maybe I should stick with it.


                      Your thoughts on this subject will be appreciated.

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                        FelixUnderwood Level 2

                        I'll put in my 1 cent worth (I'm not as smart as Harm, which is why he's able to charge 2 cents! ;-) It is just as easy to go overboard as it is to go underboard with graphics cards for PPro/MPE. I may have gone overboard by buying the GTX580. There's a strong possiblility that the GTX570 will perform at least as well, while obviously costing less and with a noticeable power reduction over the GTX480 AND the 580. If you're in a hurry and can afford it, you may just want to go with the 580. If you can afford to wait a little bit, you get the advantage of the early adopters giving feedback on their experiences with each card.

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                          Harm Millaard Level 7

                          The difference between all these brands is price and warranty. There is no discernable difference in performance if they use the same speed. Some have overclocked models, that makes the decision even more difficult. But up to now we have not seen that video cards with lesser cores/lower speed/smaller memory bus perform any different than higher specced ones.


                          Where up to now the 470 was the sweet spot price/performance wise, it looks like the 570 may be the new choice, but I have not yet seen any prices. What speaks for the 570 is the lower power consumption and the lower noise in comparison to the 480. What the impact of the 320 bit bus will be versus the 384 bit bus remains to be seen.

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                            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            >all the same card exactly with absolutely no difference?


                            nVidia makes the GPU so within a model, all cards use the same GPU


                            But (look at the pictures at vendor sites) the EXACT layout of each card is different


                            Go for high points in user reviews for each brand/model... and vendor warranty


                            When reading user reviews, such as at Newegg, be sure to balance the average score with the number of reviews

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                              Soula-55 Level 1

                              Thanks everybody, I will go through the user comments again with a fine comb this time...


                              Regarding the GTX 570 that will be coming soon, I think I can wait but I do not have high hopes as I am located in Canada. By experience, I know that new products are available in th US first, and they come over here later on. For ex Amazon does not ship the Kindle to Canada yet, they want a US address!!  Also, cameras are first available in US, we have to wait to order them and get them here  (if we go to US to buy them, we lose the warranty unles it is international warranty)

                              I don't know about graphics cards though...

                              Anyway, I have to wait to get all my components...