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    Organizer plays all my videos, PSE 9 won't play or edit any.


      I have an Asus laptop with Corei5 processor, 4gb ram, 500gb HDD @ 7200rpm with plenty of contiguous space.  I believe my playback/editing problem lies in my video card.  I have an Geforce GT 32M 1GB with Nvidia Optimus technology.  This lets my laptop switch between integrated graphics on the i5 processor, and my discrete Geforce card.  It appears as if PSE 9 detects and activates my Geforce while loading up (specifically the PlayerMediaCore.prm triggers it) but then turns it off.  Once in the editor all videos will play their audio only.  I have tried to force only integrated graphics mode and discrete graphics mode.  Either way, it will not work.  


      I have tried quite a few formats of videos, and have the most recent Nvidia, Intel graphics, quicktime, directx, and PSE 9 updates.  PSE 7 worked fine with the same files.