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    Simple problem - cropped video in rendering/preview does not show in video that I produce in the end




      I have trawled through a few posts but can't find my problem cropping videos which seems trivial!  (I'm using Adobe Premiere Elements 8)



      1. I've imported a video (.Mod file) from my camera and audio file
      2. Applied the 'Crop Effect' to get rid of a few pixels on left and right frames of the video (720 x 576 original)
      3. The rendering / preview shows a nicely cropped video that remains cropped for the duration of the video
      4. I produce my video (under Share tab) using both AVI, MPEG, and to Disc/DVD format.


      Result: None of the outputs reflect the cropping effect i have applied, it is very frustrating! I decided to try another format that I"m not interested in (FLV for the web) and the video turned out cropped. I just don't get it.


      Looking under Edit -> Effects -> Edit Effects. I can see the 'toggle on' animation is enabled at the start of the video.


      I tried to look at some settings and couldn't find anything that points to the obvious. I have noticed that File->'Export Settings' is greyed out no matter what tab I am while working on my project. I'm not sure if this is something I should worry about.


      It is very frustrating and I would really appreciate some help, I hope I have provided enough detail.

      Many thanks in advance