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    How i can make organization chart with multi-parent?


      Dear all,


      I have to build organization chart with multi-parent. But I don't know how to make it in flex.
      Please see attachment image. If possible, please show me step by step. Because, I'm a newbie in flex.


      I need help! Who can help me?


      And Data table used to create chart as below:


      21Director 1
      31Director 2
      41Director 3
      53Manager 1
      54Manager 1
      62Manager 2
      72Manager 3
      82Manager 4
      95Worker 1
      105Worker 2
      116Worker 3
      117Worker 3
      118Worker 3
      126Worker 4
      127Worker 4
      128Worker 4
      136Worker 5
      137Worker 5
      138Worker 5




      Thank you so much!