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    2 questions re workflow

    Kenny Powers

      Hey guys - just a couple of questions,


      1) How can I view interlace flicker on my LCD in my Premiere timeline worflow? When I'm working on a project, it always looks fine - but then when I play the final export on a CRT it usually has flicker, so I have to go back and fix it & re-render! Any suggestions? It never seems to show up on an LCD, but does on a CRT - but I don't have any connection to a CRT while editing! So is there any way of viewing that interlace / field order flicker on an LCD screen pre-render?


      2) How can I multiple-select a ramge of clips on my timeline to apply the same "field order" effect to? i.e. if I have 100 clips in my timeline that all need "flicker removal", how can this be done without having to right-click every single clip and apply each one manually?


      Thanks in advance. :-)



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          dradeke Adobe Employee
          1. You'd have to provide some idea of what your source footage is to be able to comment on what's going on here.  I also wonder if it somehow might be the CRT and not your footage?  Is it always one particular CRT and not any others?  IN the program view, you can view odd or even fields only in the pull down menu - don't know if it will help you though.
          2. I'd have to check this one out myself, but there are two ideas that I'd try.  One is to simply range select multiple clips and right click.  If that doesn't work, then I'd try to nest the sequence and then deflicker the timeline.


          Hope this helps,


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            For #2, you can set the attributes/Effects on one Clip, Rt-click and choose Copy. Then, Select all other Clips, Rt-click and choose Paste Attributes. I think that this will work for Anti-Flicker, but please test and report. For full Effects, the Copy/Paste Attributes method works fine.


            Good luck,



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Interesting that I saw your reply listed in the main forum page, but when I went to the thread, it did not appear, until after I had posted.


              With that attribute/Effect, Anti-Flicker, will the Copy/Paste Attributes work, like with an added Effect?