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    Premiere CS5 Timeline Issue




      When I put the files in the timeline and plays them (about every 12 seconds) the video "jump" backwards (the cursor indicating the point of the video being played go back) while the audio continues playing normally.




      I made a video of the problem



      You can look at the second 20 and 31 the problem.

      Help me please!


      My Pc:


      Mb : Asus P6T SE

      Proc: i7 920

      Ram: 9Gb 1333MHz

      HD: 1hd 100gb 10k rpm for SO and programs, 2hd 1Tera raid 1 for videos

      Scheda Video: nvidia 9800gt da 512 Mb

      SO: Windows 7 64 bit


      Sorry for my bad english.