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    Saving pdf on network drive from OSX results in damaged pdf




      I've noticed something weird.

      My gf needs pdf's with forms, so the default preview app that comes with OSX does not suffice.

      So I downloaded the latest version of Adobe Reader for OSX and she was happy to change the pdf's.


      However later I found out that all the files were corrupted. The thing is like this.

      The files are on a NAS device (normally copied form a linux boxed by rsync (thus via ssh).

      The linux box had issues so she manipulated the pdf's directly on the NAS from an osx machine (using Adobe Reader).

      The OSX machine displays the NAS drive fine, so you can navigate to the correct folder and open the pdf. But after saving the time stamp is not changed.

      I saw that it created a hidden file of the original pdf of about 10% of the original size. This file cannot be opened or (damaged or corrupted message). I tried to fix / merge it with pdftk but that did not help (I later saw that pdftk is rather old).


      However if I save the file directly on the OSX drive it is fine.

      To rule things out I changed another file type (.xls) with openoffice and saved it directly on the NAS, this went fine.


      Could this be a weird bug in Adobe Reader (as AR corrupts the file on the NAS and openoffice deals with storing a remote file correctly) or might it be something else?