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    SWFLoader cannot access content of swf created in CS3




      I am using Flex Builder 4. I have an swf animation created in CS3 (AS2) and is loaded into a Flex skin component:




         private function changeAnimationText(event:Event):void


            var thisAnimation:MovieClip = animationLoader.content as MovieClip;






      <mx:SWFLoader id="animationLoader" complete="changeAnimationText(event)" />


      The script in the host component uses animationLoader.load(_urlOfAnimationFile);

      The swf did get loaded and I can see the animation playing on screen, but somehow

      I cannot access its contents.  I need to access the swf functions.


      I have tried catching the INIT and COMPLETE events, and in the event handlers, I put

      var thisAnimation:MovieClip = animationLoader.content as MovieClip;  Still, no luck.

      The object "thisAnimation" is null.


      I also tried putting applicationComplete="someFunctions()" inside the main Application:


      <s:Application xmlns= ......



      And in "aFunction", I tried to create the MovieClip object "thisAnimation" again, but still the object is null.


      I have been working this for the whole day, and not sure what the problem is.


      Any help will be appreciated!


      Thanks in advance!