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    File is missing

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      I'm doing at that moment in Lesson 3: Applications of the first day. I downloaded the files (day1_project_files.zip) and imported to the application that I just created. I noticed that in the directory Guides should be the file AquoJobApp, but the directory is empty.





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          Also in the Data Models directory, the employeeTimeSheet.xsd is missing.

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            I reviewed the video and supporting files for "Day 1" of this material.


            1)  I noticed that the guide named "AquoJobApp" did appear in the application structure shown in the video, and that the file does not exist in the exercise files contained in the "day1_project_files.zip" file.  I looked through the document that containd the hands-on exercises (Developing Applications.pdf) and there is no reference to this file.  I don't think you need this file to perform the hands-on exercises.


            2)  The TimeSheet.xsd file is indeed missing form the files supplied in the "day1_project_files.zip".  I did however locate a copy of this file in the "day2_project_files.zip".  If you download the "day2_project_files.zip" file and extract the contents, there will be another file named "LC Digital Signatures.zip", extract this zip file, and the employeeTimeSheet.xsd file is located in the LC Digital Signatures\Data Models\ folder.


            Hope this helps.