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    Flash player update with add-ons

    Keith Dodd

      Wasn't sure where to address this


      I just went to Adobe site to check for any updates to flash player 10. I was shocked to see that with the update were optional (which could be rejected) for a Macafee product and some game-type reader.


      (I had gone directly to Adobe for this  upgrade, as my wife said she had an alert to upgrade, but it wanted her to buy something. I thought a hoax, so went directly to Adobe.)


      Unless I am missing something here, offering various add-ons with flash player upgrades seriously hurts the integrity of the importance of flash player. As a web developer using flash, I rely that users are going to keep getting the latest flash version. Including optional add-ons, in my opinion, puts flash in the category of items that are always trying to install a Google or such tool bar, offer free scans, etc.


      That image can be harmful to keeping flash player an important tool. My first thought is that it is akin to the old days when flash was just used as a splash screen; nice, but meaningless. I'd hate to see flash getting reputation as a gimmic rather than a serious, critical tool.


      Not sure who addresses such concerns, but, unless I am missing something in all this, I think as flash developers, we should be concerned.


      If I have misinterpreted things, please let me know.


      Thank you