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    PPro, Encore & Media Encoder keep running after quit

    Webshark2000 Level 1

      We recently upgraded to PPro CS5 and everything seem to be working well, except that when I close Premiere, Encore or Media Encoder and then go to open them again a while later, the don't want to launch.  When I hit ctrl+alt+del, I see the problem.  Under the "Processes" tab the program is always still running.  Once I force it to quit, it will start up without a problem.


      This happens every time I close these three programs and a restart doesn't fix the problem.


      Computer specs:

      Win7 64-bit

      Core i7 920

      ASRock X58 motherboard

      Radeon 4870

      500GB 7200 OS Drive

      1.5 TB Raid 3 array for storage

      PPro 5.0.2


      I have downloaded and installed all of the updates.