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    OSMF and StageVideo




      We are looking to extend OSMF to support stage video http://www.adobe.com/devnet/devices/articles/video_content_tv.html and were debating the best way to support this.


      The OSMF model right now attaches a Video object to each VideoElement on Element READY. So in principle we could re-implement LightweightVideoElement using StageVideo. However this is likely to have a load of knock on effects - as there is (and can only be) one stage video element at a time. If you had series of video's I don't believe it would correctly re-attach the element as the video's cycled.


      I am looking for somewhere to plug the logic to attach the netstream to the Stage video as it changes - can anyone suggest a good location? Ideally it should be somewhere with easy access to the stage (as that is where you get StageVideo from).


      Ideas I've had

      • Inside or overriding a PlayTrait on a custom media element
      • Adding this logic to the PlayTrait on the default Video element


      Ideally this should be implemented so OSMF detects if StageVideo is present and switches every video over to it (as on devices with Stage Video it is most likely other Video mechanism's won't work).


      Also if we did this addition would you be interested in a patch - if so what is the procedure to submit one?