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    Errors when using swc ( 1152, etc )

    Shawn Makinson

      This has been brought up before, but I did not find a real solution so I'm doing it again. I have a set of class files that I am publishing as a swc file from Flashbuilder. I want to use that swc as the library across multiple versions of a game. I have Flash CS5 and initially while I was writing the game I just linked in the source files. This worked no problem. When I remove the source files link and instead add the swc, I get quite a few errors, the first one being the 1152 error. Usually this can be solved by making sure "automatically declare stage instances" is unchecked. I have it unchecked and I am still getting these errors. Is this just a bug in Flash that is going to prevent me from using the proper workflow that I desire? When I search around, it seems this may have been a problem for years now. Adobe, can you please chime in? Am I just missing a step?