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    Updater won't run unless AdobeARM.exe is first manually stopped.

    Ibn Rushd

      I'm still using Reader 9.4.1, which I recently reinstalled (after Reader X wouldn't open following initial installation) on Windows 2000 Professional, SP4.


      Windows Task Manager always shows process AdobeARM.exe running after initial booting of computer.


      In Reader, the "Check for Updates" function fails, yielding the message "Updater is already running".


      Windows Task Manager shows an additional process AdobeARM.exe running for each attempt to check for updates. (AdobeARM.exe doesn't close automatically following an update or an update attempt.)


      Only after closing all instances of AdobeARM.exe will the Updater run, and, unless AdobeARM.exe is once again manually closed with the Windows Task Manager, the Updater cannot be run a second time.