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    Switching pages from flash-gui

    ForrestGimp Level 1

      I tried to switch to a page using a flash-button inside an rma which functions as a gui.

      To do so I use an external interface call:

      var jsCaller:Object = ExternalInterface.call("eval","this.pageNum = 1;");

      I use eval frequently to call various methods within my document-script and so far it has never failed me. However, in this case, when I push the button, acrobat crashes.

      It seems to switch to the page (at least the scrollbar indicates that) but before anything from that page is actually shown, acrobat crashes. The version I use is Acrobat 9 Pro Extended (version 9.1.0). I tested this in reader 9.4 and found the same behaviour.

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Yes it does, and it will. The problem is that by switching pages the Flash annotation is disabled, but both Flash and Acrobat expect the externalInterface function to have a return value. As the Flash Player instance is killed halfway through the handshake, it takes Acrobat down with it. Probably should've fixed it, but it's not a major priority, as;


          (1) hardly anyone uses it, and if they do they find out very quickly they can't

          (2) it crashes in a safe-ish way, so there's no exploitability in the bug


          One way around it is to call a doc-level function from AS which itself fires off a short delayed function call to set the pageNum value, so you can return the handshake to Flash *before* the page changes and the link gets severed. If your SWF is running in a pop-up window and set to manually disable, then it'll be fine.