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    Communicating with a popup


      I have an MXML application that has a popup that contains a DataGrid. When the popup is loaded, I need to populate the grid from a datasource that exists in the applicaiton. Then I need to update the grid in the popup as events occur in the parent application. COuld somebody point me int he right direction to get this accomplished? THanks!

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          Lee Burrows Level 4

          set your datagrid dataProvider to your data source and make the data source bindable - then any changes to data source will automatically update the datagrid

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            flex2008 Level 3

            Define a property in the popup


            //assuming datasource in application is an arraycollection
            public function set dataSource(value:ArrayCollection):void
                datagrid.dataProvider = value;


            in main application,


            private function methodThatWillBeCalledWhenPopupNeedsToBeCreated():void
                var popup:CustomPopup = PopupManager.createPopup(this,CustomPopup) as CustomPopup;
                popup.dataSource = this.dataSourceVarInApplication;

            Another way is to bind the dataprovider of the grid to a model variable,which can be accessed anywhere in the application.


            Let me know if you have any questions



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              phil25840 Level 1