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    Problem with Pixel Bender


      Hi -  I am 85 years old and not very experienced with computer jargon etc. My problems with Pixel Benders only started after I recently had my Dell 64 bit computer upgraded. Previously it used Windows XP and had 4 gigs of RAM my graphics card had only 64 MB. HOWEVER, before the upgrade Pixel Bender filters worked perfectly, I have a folder in "My Pictures" that contains 65 images that have all been treated with a variety of P B filters, I am very pleased with the results. My software includes Photoshop CS5 also Lightroom 3.


      My upgrade, done by a professional technician, involved, wiping my internal hard drive completely (everything was backed up on two external hard drives)  the installation of Windows 7 - 64 bit and additional RAM (it now has 8 gigs) When it came to re installing the Pixel Benders it was a nightmare. I had to make several calls to Adobe technical support before it would download I even had to allow the technician to access my computer. The next problem was that the Pixel Benders would no work.  I looked at the Adobe Forum and found that others had experienced the same problem. One solution seemed to be to install a graphics card with more MB, I therefore bought a GeForce GTSD 250 that has 1 GB of RAM.  Whereas the 65 pictures in my Pixel Bender folder are 2000 pixels on the longest edge using my new system and graphics card the Pixel Bender filters will not work on any image that is more than 1000 pixels on the longest edge. Can anyone out there explain the reason for this?


      littlemester, Sheffield, England