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    Can this be done easily in PREL ?

    deimosphobos Level 2

      I used Pinnacle HD STudio 14 trial version some time ago and made a couple of montages pretty easily. I liked the look and was wondering what it would take to do this in PREL 8.


      Here is what I am referring to


      http://www.pinnaclesys.com/images/redesign/Studio14/tutorials/Studio14_tutorials.html?vide oFLV=/images/redesign/Studio14/tutorials/Studio14_Montage.flv&KeepThis=true&TB_iframe=true &height=400&width=890

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          It looks to be a combo of Titler and Themes/Instant Movies, in PrE parlance, but I could be missing something. Not sure that it can be done in one-step, as it appears to be in Pinnacle Studio, but maybe PrE 9 has added more automation in Themes/Instant Movies.


          Hope that others have comments to help you determine how easy it would be to transition to PrE 9, from Studio 14.


          Good luck,



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            deimosphobos Level 2

            Hi Bill.


            I have been playing around with this in PREL8 and it is actually fairly easy to do. All it requires is a little math.


            Now there are a couple ways to do this but here is the one I chose.


            PREL allows you as many tracks as you need.This is a simple example using DV (720X480)


            I stacked 8 clips on top of one another in the timeline, each a minute in length.

            Now, under EDIT, then Edit effects, I changed the scale of each clip to be 25%.

            For starting positions, I wanted a left justified montage over track 1 so this translates to changing the position as follows.

            Track 2  90  420

            Track 3  90  300

            Track 4  90  180.. you get the idea, each clip moves 120 up.


            Track 8  90  -300 (Negative 300) it will start off the screen and roll on, see below.


            Now since I have 7 moving tracks and only room for 4  on the screen I created a keyframe at the 30 second mark for each clip  and changed the vertical to add 360 to our initial starting point (since  we need to move all the tracks down 3 spots, 1 spot = 120).


            Now this can work for as many as you need it is just the math that will change.


            Sounds complicated but once I figured out the math it only took 5 minutes to set up. It is repetitive, wish this could be automated, but oh well, it works. If you have more tracks you can easily do the math in Excel.