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    Problems with projector D11.5



      I'm using D11.5 on W7 32b.

      When D11.5 builds the projector there is no problem, but when the projector is running the scripts don't work. I've attached all the xtras to the projector, I've copied all the xtras to the projector's xtra folder but it doesn't work.


      What can I do?



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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          The first thing that comes to mind is - do you have any external casts?  If so, are you sure that the projector can get to them?  Otherwise, do you get error messages?  If so, what are they?

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            Listat_jhg Level 1

            Hi, thanks for your reply.

            All the cast are internal and when I build the project there is no problems. I tried to add one by one xtra but it doesn't work. Another idea?


            Thanks a lot.

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              James Newton, ACP Level 3

              Before you publish your projector, use the menu item File> Publish Settings to open the dialog window.  Click on the Files tab.  Have you selected the Exclude All Xtras checkbox?  If not, please do so and republish your movie.  Director will now create an Xtras folder alongside the projector.  You will be able to see what xtras have been included.


              To test whether the problem is with the xtras or with Windows 7, replace the auto-generated Xtras folder for your projector with a copy of the entire Xtras folder that you can find in the Configurations folder alongside your Director application.  This means that your projector will have access to all the xtras that Director has available at authortime.  This is total overkill.  Theoretically, your projector should now run with no problem.  If there is still a problem, then it is with the way Windows 7 and the Director projector work together, and you will need to advise Adobe about it.


              If this solves your problem, then you may now wish to remove any xtras which are not actually required by your projector from the projector's Xtra folder.  This is a separate issue that we can address as a separate step.