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    CS3 upgrade - unable to launch

    wendykw Level 1
      I have a mac G4 tower running OS 10.4.1.
      Today I bought an upgrade to CS3 - I have a legal version of contribute on the machine - version 3.11.

      and after "successfully" installing the new upgrade - I cant run it. I enter the serial number, and that works fine - I get the happy green check mark next to the serial number fields. HOWEVER - it says that it couldnt find a legal version of contribute on my machine ( which makes no sense, since its there ) - so it asks for me to tell it which version of contribute I own and enter its serial number. which I did.

      however it wont accept the serial number, and as such will not let me use my new CS3 version unless I "try it for 30 days". But I paid for it, and I want to use it - NOW. Not to mention that I know there are issues trying to activate a trial version, so I would really rather not go that route.

      I called the installation tech help 800 number. I got picked up immediately - which was a pleasant surprise... however the tech said that serial numbers are a customer service issue and he transferred me over there.

      I have now been on hold for 1 hour, 43 minutes and counting.

      extrememly dis-satisfied. with Adobes support at the moment.