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    Fitting flash files into premiere movie


      Hi hope you can help.


      I have to create a movie which I am shooting on a Sony V1E, but the issue I have, is that I have to create some animations in Flash CS5 why need to be part of the movie. I do know how to play video files in Flash, but i am new to Premiere CS5. I have just invested a huge amount in upgrading to CS5 Master Suite from Design Premium and have also got an account with Lynda.com.


      I am assuming that I can put flash animation files into my movie. I am shooting 1080 50i but want to know what size in pixels I should make my flash movies. I'm guessing that it should be 1440 x 1080 at 25fps.


      Could I please have some pointers on what res to use and what formats are best to output from Flash in?


      Many thanks


      Ralph Ferrand


      Vision Design UK Limited