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    Flex date display puzzle/question


      What is happening is that the date field in the MS SQL server located in the Eastern Time zone has a datetime value. When I view the time in a browser in the Central Time Zone it subtracts and hour.


      Conversely, when writing appointment date/time from an application in the Central Time zone the data and time display correctly, but when this same page is viewed from a computer in the Eastern Time zone it adds an hour to the time in the database.


      I don't know why it doesn't display the actual time in the datetime field without the automatic time zone adjustment.

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          This is a common problem.  You should be able to find past discussion on

          this topic.  The Flash Date object is both Date and Time and represents a

          moment in history.  If you say something happened on Feb 10, 2009 at 4pm

          EST, for someone living in central time, that event did in fact happen at

          3pm.  If you were submitting orders to be processed first-come-first-served

          it is important that an order submitted at 3:01pm CST is after the one

          submitted at 4pm EST.


          However, in plenty of scenarios you don't really want a moment in history,

          you want to get the NY Times on Feb 10 even though you are in Singapore and

          at the moment it was published it was Feb 11 for you.  And you want to see

          "Feb 10" on the display of the front page when you get it.


          The past discussions have a variety of ways for dealing with this.

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            Your search for "date" returned 0 results.

            Try a less restrictive search, make sure all words are spelled correctly, or try different keywords.



            Thank you for the reply. I've been handicapped the last couple of days because the search in the forums doesn't work. Even when I do a search for "a" I get no results. I've been assuming it would get fixed. But maybe I'm the only one that it is broken for?????