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    Refreshing Hypertext Links

      Hi All,
      Forum newbee here. My question is how to refresh the hyperlinks in a Microsoft HTML Help (*.chm) file.
      I am authoring in RoboHelp HTML X 5.0.2 build, outputting to MS HTML Help file. An inherited project (I am not the original writer/creater).
      The issue:
      Many links appear "pink" (visited), and I cannot get them to appear as unvisited (blue).
      I have played with the CSS settings (Project tab>Style Sheets) and styles, but have been unsuccessful. I have flushed the browser temporary Internet files with no result to my CHM file.
      Any ideas?
      I am near project delivery date and seek a solution.
      Thank you,

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          Go to your browser settings and clear the history. I believe that is what fixes it.
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            Steven_Walters1 Level 1
            Hi Peter,
            Thank you for the swift response and suggestion.
            As I posted, I had flushed the cache in the past with no results. As per your suggestion, I DID flush the temporary Internet files again. I also cleared the cookies AND history, reopened the project. I have to say that MANY links are now unvisited (blue), but SOME are still visited (pink), akthough less than when I initially posted AND claimed to have flushed the caches. Any explanation as to why some are STILL visited (pink)?

            Thanks in advance,

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              MergeThis Level 4
              Could be how styles are used. Remember, the cascade in Cascading Style Sheets means:

              Styles in an external style sheet (.css) are overriden by:
              Styles placed within the HEAD section of the current topic, which are overriden by:
              Styles placed within a specific element within the current topic.

              You might want to "check under the hood" in the TrueCode to see what mysterious happenings might abound.

              Good luck,

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                Steven_Walters1 Level 1
                Hi Leon,
                Thank you for the suggestion. I will, indeed, prepare to get my fingernails greasy.
                As a newbe, I have found swift and useful suggestions. Thank you all!