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    Adding multiple locales to TwitterTrends mobile sample - not working

    ghess01 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I have been having trouble adding support for muliple locales in my application so I desided to try it out with TwitterTrends sample application. Should be easy, but not working for me...


      What I did:


      1. Add locale folder under assets with an en_US sub folder




      2. Create a properties file for en_US and save to src/assets/locale/en_US




      3. Add a single resource key for the home view in 'twittertrends.properties'


           views.home.title=Twitter Trends


      4. Update the TwitterTrendsHome.mxml to use fetch the title from the properties file


           title="{resourceManager.getString( 'twittertrends', 'views.home.title' )}"


      5. Add the locale folder to the applications source path, I did this by modifying the additional compilter args for Flash Builder:


           -locale en_US -source-path=assets/locale/{locale}




      No title is displayed..


      I am not sure what I did wrong. Any help is much appreciated.


      Has anyone else seen/not seen this issue?