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    Windows 7 and Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium compatible?

    Jennifer at SD Level 1

      I purchased a new computer which is running Windows 7. I have Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium. When I install and try to open any of the programs, I receive a message which tells me that there is an invalid serial number. I called Adobe and they said the serial number is fine, but that the program may not be compatible with Windows 7.


      Is there a way to make this work? Do I need to purchase an upgrade CD, is that available?

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          FrancoDominic Level 1

          There are compatibility issues. It can be fixed but temporarily. (you will get the error again and again)


          It would be best to upgrade.

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            I've found that the best and easiest way to run legacy software in Windows 7 is to create an embedded "Windows XP Mode" (free from Microsoft).


            Unfortunately, you'll have to upgrade from Windows 7 Premium to Windows 7 Professional or better in order to run the XP Mode.


            However ... in order to upgrade from 7-Premium to 7-Professional - and use a virtual partition to house Windows XP - you must also have a CPU that's capable of virtual partitions. Best way to check this is to go to http://ark.intel.com and learn what your CPU is capable of. (My Intel i3 chip supports virtual, so no problem there.)


            Then, it's better and easier to use the "Microsoft Anytime" upgrade, rather than a 7-Premier to 7-Pro upgrade. Win 7-Pro actually lurks inside of 7-Premium! All of the code is there, it's simply locked away from your eyes, like a trunk in the attic. You'll have to purchase the Microsoft key to unlock Pro, and it recreates the OS in about 12 minutes.


            That said, there's this, from a review at Amazon:


            "Couple minor problems. First, a Virtual PC is truly a separate PC. It does not have access to the antivirus software installed on the Win 7 PC. Fortunately my ISP offers free downloads of Norton PC. Laptop came with McAfee (I did not want it because of my free access to antivirus from my ISP, but I had no choice). So I now have the main laptop protected by McAfee and the Virtual PC protected by Norton. Upgrade downloads occur separately and require separate reboots to take effect. There is no conflict because they are effectively two separate computers. [I have a 3-user license on my Kaspersky, so no problem there - rh.] Second, Win 7 has separated screen resolution from font size, two functions joined in XP. On XP I always selected a step down on resolution so I could read the fonts. In Win 7, I can now use max resolution and larger fonts. But when I go to Virtual PC, I cannot change resolution. So I either have to step down in resolution before invoking Virtual PC or I am stuck with microscopic fonts. [Ouch! - rh]"


            The best price I've found on the Windows 7 Anytime upgrade is $80 with free shipping at Amazon. Standard price is $90 plus shipping.


            Upgrading and using the Windows XP Mode will also let you use any other business or graphics software that won't run in Windows 7. (QuickBooks comes immediately to mind!)


            Rather than fool around with odd workarounds, special amulets, and burying St. Joseph in the front yard, far better to upgrade and mount the XP Mode module.


            Good luck,



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              I ran into the same problem with invalid serial number error when trying to run the program. It seemed to activate fine over the internet, but got the error when trying to run one of the programs. I found that if I created a new program file directory (I used "C: Program Files OldV") on my C: drive and installed CS2 to that (rather than the regular two program directories provided in Windows 7), it works! This work around worked on two diferent copies of Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium loaded on two different computers with Windows 7. (Apparently, it cannot process the parenthesis in the regular Windows program directory "C:\Program Files (x86)". When I told it to install in "C:\Program Files", Windows still put the files in the "C:\Program Files (x86)".) (I am using Windows 7 Home Premium.)


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                The solution posted by sonnybo33 may work. I had exactly this same issue. To get around this issue, uninstall, then re-install by running the installer as Administrator. This worked fine for me, but there remain two lingering problems; 1) although Acrobat 7 installed okay, the Adobe PDF print driver does not install. I've scoured boards for possible solutions, but have not found anything that works; 2) in GoLive, when I open a web page, it initially does not display correctly. By trial and error I discoverd that if I select the preview tab, resize the window a little, then select back to layout, all is well. Other than that, everything works fine.

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