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    Far Dependency

    YaserMM Level 1

      Hello all,


      I am getting an error that popped up when I made an undeploy and then tried to deploy again and what I do I could neither get rid of the error not deploy my process.

      The error message says something like, "Far Dependency: name of the process is not defined in the descriptor"


      I have tried every possible thing ( including deleting the problematic sub process itself ) but no luck


      Does anyone have an idea how to overcome this, any similar experience?


      My installation is LiveCycle ES2, patch 1, on Windows7. Workbench 9.5


      Thank you,


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          Hi Budy I got the same problem but I figure out something which is to do something with C:\Documents and Settings\yusufgoy\Workbench ES2\test_Bilgin\1.0 PoC.process_dependency file . I opened it with notepad but I couldnt save same format as before. ı m still working on it . PLEASE SOME EXPERT HELP US

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            YaserMM Level 1


            In one of my trials I installed SP2 and problem disappeared, I looked into the release notes of the service pack and found some talk about sub-processes references problem when copying a sub-process around or upgrading to new version.



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              hussam ihmaidi Level 1

              Thank you Yaser, Abu Amr,

              I forgot to install SP2 and I faced this error in my new installation and deployment, but after installing the patch... now it's OK