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    blue = not coo!

    npaglia Level 1

      I'm trying to export a series of video's in 640X480 format
      The video's consist of Live Video + ScreenCasts
      for some reason when I go to export the BASIC SETTINGS are at 640X427 === but I didn't upload them in anything but 640X480...
      When I leave the format at 640X427 === I get black bars on each side in the exported video...
      When  I adjust the basic settings from 640X427 to 640X480...a blue tint  happens that covers the entire video in blue in the exported video...it's ridiculous...

      none of these issues happen in the preview window...
      Under Export Settings it looks like this if that helps at all =

      adobe bonk 2.0.jpg

      It says the Video Codec here is Uncompressed YUV but I tried YUV, Animation, H.264, Component Video...and maybe one or two more...I exported the video and ScreenCasts with Animation codec...
      has anyone dealt with this and handled this riDONKulousness?

      thanks - let me know...

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          npaglia Level 1

          here's a better picture --- it looked different when I added the post...in editing mode it was clear...


          adobe bonk 3.0.jpg

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            npaglia Level 1


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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              OK, back up the cookie truck. I didn't follow much of that--I really can't tell what you're doing and/or trying to accomplish, and therefore it's really hard to give solid recommendations.


              Can you shed some light on your source footage and sequence (I don't mean just what format, but the actual parameters of said footage), and what you intend to do with the exported video? If you'll pardon me for saying, it kind of sounds like you have no idea of what you're trying to do with the export I'm guessing you're planning for web delivery, and if that's the case, you're going in almost completely the wrong direction.


              Details, man!

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                npaglia Level 1

                yes the footage is intended for web playback...


                The camera I used is a Flip - shoots 29.97/30 FPS - it's not HD...


                Used Camtasia 7 for ScreenCast Video's...at 30 FPS


                is that going to help you at all? I left it out b/c I didn't think it would...


                Sequence = 640X480...I think it was Home Theater or something I selected...29.97/30 FPS...

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                  Jeff Bellune Level 5

                  Blue tint = video card driver issues.  Update or roll back the version of your driver.


                  Why are you using Quicktime for export?  For a Windows machine, Microsoft AVI would be better.  You might even try Uncompressed Microsoft AVI for the format.  This, of course, assumes you need an intermediate file for export so that you can encode for the web in another application.  Have you considered just encoding for the web straight out of Pr?



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    I do not see the "lock" symbol in the little square, besides the Frame Size, just to the right of the bracket. Can you click-drag on the 427 to increase that up to 480? If it also adjusts the 640, then click on that little square, as maybe the lock is just not displaying. Since there might also be an issue with your video driver, it is possible that you are not seeing the full display of all icons.


                    Also, if you test by changing the Compressor setting, can you then get 640 x 480?


                    Just some thoughts, and good luck,



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                      npaglia Level 1

                      Hey Hunt and Jeff...thanks for getting back...


                      Hunt ---- yeh - well I mentioned I could change those settings to 640X480 but that's when the blue tint happens........


                      so the blue tint is due to video card/driver issues.......??


                      just need to update my driver?


                      how do I know exactly what driver I have? I think I know, but wanted to double check with you guys...


                      so Jeff...let me know too...

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                        Jeff Bellune Level 5

                        In Windows 7, right-click the desktop and choose Screen Resolution.  Then click the Advanced Settings text link.  You should be able to figure out the make, model and driver version of your video card from there.



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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Also, make sure to go to the mfgr's. Web site, to check for updates. Windows has a little function to check drivers, but it is usually very out of date.


                          Good luck,



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                            the_wine_snob Level 9
                            I mentioned I could change those settings to 640X480 but that's when the blue tint happens........

                            Oops, missed that part of it. I just am horrible at multi-tasking...


                            Good luck,



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                              Harm Millaard Level 7

                              Why are you making your life so difficult?


                              You have Live Video and some screencasts. Are you sure that they are not RBG instead of YUV? Why export 4:2:0 source material in 4:2:2 format? Just padding some zeroes, what is the benefit?

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                                npaglia Level 1

                                Harm - I also have After FX video's and chroma key...and other stuff...


                                RBG - not familiar with that....but if you read the post....I didn't only try YUV --- I tried a number = about 6 different codec's and they all resulted in blue tint...


                                so there you go..."why are you making your life so difficult" --- that's pretty funny....as if I'm intentionally trying to do...c'mon Harm...





                                Jeff and Hunt....just wanted to let you know........I've been rendering some other stuff, for another project but I've already updated my driver so I'm going to check on things later today to see if solved...


                                Thanks again for your help guys...

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                                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                                  Usually screencasts are RGB and not YUV.


                                  Usually video and screencasts are ingested as 4:2:0 material, not as 4:2:2 and there is no sense in padding the material with 0's.


                                  I assume your settings are incorrect. Import a single screencast or Live video clip into your project, drop that clip from the project panel onto the New Item icon at the bottom of the project panel and check what sequence settings were created for you.

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                                    npaglia Level 1

                                    Ok guys...well...


                                    I updated my driver, which is: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator...


                                    and still ---- there's the same issue...blue tint...


                                    I contacted Intel's support and they said it must not be their driver...they suggested it to be a compatibility issue with CS5...


                                    I wouldn't think this to be the case...but what's your input??


                                    need to fix this as soon as possible


                                    Now on this compute - it's an HP G71 laptop --- there were some issues and may still be some issues with video playback and sound...


                                    Sometimes video's would play (it just happened the other day for a couple sec's on YouTube) === and the video picture will glitch out and cause a bunch of colors that are blended and all whacked out to appear on the screen...


                                    The sound is also low on the computer...unordinarily low  --- still need to fix that...........


                                    thought I'd let you know in case that offers up any clues...to the solution





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                                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                                      Intel makes good chips, but their driver support for the embedded graphics chips is very lax.


                                      Cannot recall if you are on a desktop, or a laptop, and also if it's something like a Dell, or HP. Can you refresh my memory?


                                      For a desktop, it's easy to bypass the Intel, with an nVidia (with CUDA) or ATI, and just disable the Intel, with either a switch, or the BIOS. For a laptop, one is pretty much stuck. The reason that I ask about Dell, or HP, is that they often do provide updated drivers, much more often, than Intel does.


                                      Good luck,



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                                        npaglia Level 1

                                        Hey Hunt...thanks for getting back I appreciate it...


                                        Are you multi-tasking again? ;)


                                        mentioned in my last post = I'm on a laptop - it's HP...


                                        so what's the issue?


                                        is it incompatibility or is it that the last update I made through Intel's site wasn't sufficient??


                                        Thanks - let me know...

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                                          Harm Millaard Level 7

                                          Embedded Intel graphics chips are rather renowned for their poor quality/performance/drivers/support when editing. Apart from getting a new notebook there is not much you can do about it.