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    Recommended hardware for Presenter


      We are experiencing a variety of performance and corruption issues with our Adobe Presenter files.  Quite often the screen will freeze during media editing, we are often prompted to disable the Adobe Presenter add-in from PowerPoint, files get corrupted and produce errors when we try to preview the content, etc, etc.  I know it is recommended to work on a local drive rather than a network drive when editing a file, but we still get these performance issues regardless of the location of our files.


      I've tried to udpate the memory on my computer, but my IS Support team tells me that Windows can only utilize up to 4GB of ram, so a higher-end computer wouldn't resolve any memory issues.


      I'm wondering how many of you in the forum are using Mac with Adobe Presenter and if you experience any improvement in performance.  If not Mac, what are some other recommended hardware specs you'd recommend for Adobe Presenter developers?


      I know Adobe Presenter provides minimum system requirements, but our hardware meets these requirements and still experiences issues.  I'd like to get Optimal specs rather than minimum requirements.

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          First, you can't use Presenter on the Mac; it doesn't exist. Deep down, Adobe wishes the Mac didn't exist, although without Apple, Adobe would never have existed.


          Second, I've had to use Presenter for 6 years and it's the most trouble-prone piece of software I've ever dealt with. Just use the best hardware you can and hope that Adobe decides to put some effort into making it work.

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            Jesst124 Level 1

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              Heyward Drummond Level 3

              Actually, Adobe is one of Apple's largest developers. Adobe released Adobe Captivate for Mac in 2010 as well as many other Mac solutions.  Many of the Adobe employees use Mac's all the time. I have 5 of them and use nothing but Mac OSX versions of Adobe's products as do many of my fellow Adobe Connect technical folks. So, your impression of Adobe and Apple does not match my observations at all.


              Presenter 7.06 is the latest version of Presenter for Windows and it has worked great since I upgraded my Office 2010 with it. There is another version coming this year that will make it even better, change the installer, and add lots of improvements based on customer feedback from forums like this.


              Adobe Presenter cannot be developed for the Mac because Microsoft Powerpoint for Mac does not have a plug-in environment to allow third parties to add functions. It's a limit imposed by Microsoft so we are prevented from doing that.  Instead, Adobe released Captivate for Mac that contains many of the same features as Presenter.  Might be worth looking at.


              As for hardware...that all depends...the more ram you have the better.....and it all depends on what else you run at the same time. Many of today's standard laptops can easily support Presenter. I use a MacBook Pro with 8GB RAM and I use VMWare Fusion to run Windows 2008 with Office 2010 and Adobe Presenter. All works great as long as you are on Presenter 7.06 version. Stay tuned for another release.


              Hope that helps.

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                Matt_@_CPS Level 1

                I have had similar performance issues with Presenter on a Mac using VMware Fusion. I often get the "disable  Adobe Presenter add-in" message. Other performance issues I have include choppy playback during animations in .pptx files. I started at my company in May of 2011 and the Presenter presentations that were created before my time here were created and published using .ppt files. Those seem to run smoother. I had to update one of those presenations, kept it in the .ppt version, and it runs smoothly. The other presentations that I created in the .pptx file format are choppy. When i save them in the .ppt format, anything that I have set to animate on screen disappears from the screen at the end of each slide when they are supposed to remain on screen.


                Also the Presenter window for the published version of all of the old .ppt files opens up at 900x550, which is great because it displays the navigation on the bottom and right (Outline and Notes). However in all of the published versions of the .pptx files, the window opens at 740x540, so the user has to click the little re-arrange windows button to view these navigation options. Not a huge deal but it would be nice. I know the "breeze-manifest.xml" and "viewer.xml" files contain the presentation width and height settings, and I can publish the presentation locally to my computer and edit the xml files, but Connect won't let you upload just the .xml files for a presentation (at least that I know of).


                I have consulted Adobe Help on these issues, and they concluded the only reason they could figure that the presentations were running choppy was because they were being published from a virtual machine. I sent them the files and they published them from their non-virtual environment, and they played back smoothly. However, I tried publishing them from my personal laptop using normal Windows 7 (not a virtual environment) and yielded the same, choppy playback results I did on my Mac with VMware Fusion.


                Any help or insight to fix either of these issues is greatly appreciated.


                Thank you,


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                  nirupam_tewary Level 1

                  Hi Matt


                  Thank you for reporting the issues you face with Adobe Presenter on this forum. I have enumerated these issues and our assessment as under:



                  1.    Playback issues on VMWare – in general, we do not have any known issues when playing back content in a virtualized environment. Could you share some presentations where you see issues not seen on a native installation?


                  2.    Disable Adobe Presenter Add-in message – this is a message thrown by PowerPoint and could appear if Presenter crashes or hangs for any reason and you stop/kill the PowerPoint instance and restart. Choosing ‘No’ will ensure Presenter remains available.


                  3.    Animations on PPT disappearing at the end of the slides – this is a known issue where the viewer goes back to frame 0 in case of PPT but not in case of PPTx. This will be fixed in the next release of Presenter. You may file an escalation with Adobe support to get the fix for Presenter 7.0.7, if you require.


                  4.    Differences in PPT and PPTx output size – the size of the published output depends on the resolution of the system where PowerPoint is running and you will get the same output for both PPT and PPTx. Eg. on my system, the size is 794 x 540 for both file types.


                  Please feel free to report any additional issues or ask if you need further clarifications.





                  Adobe Systems

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                    Matt_@_CPS Level 1

                    Thank you for responding.


                    This link is to the presentation i mentioned that existed before my employment began the company I work for, made in .ppt but updated for the new year by me. This presentation seems to run smoother than those I created in the .pptx format:




                    This link is to one of the presentations created by me from scratch in the .pptx format:




                    As for the resolution and output size, the resolution of the system I'm working on is set at 1440x900, and that is on both the Windows and Mac sides. Yet my presentations are publishing at 720x540. Is there another resolution setting you're referring to, like a resolution specific to PowerPoint or Presenter?


                    If there are plans to release fixes for known issues that is fine, I can wait for the release of the next version. I'm only concerned with issues that I will be able to address myself on my end.


                    Thanks again for your help.

                    - Matt

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                      nirupam_tewary Level 1

                      Hi Matt


                      I can see the relative difference between the two outputs, but since its different content, my guess is that it’s the fact your course has audio, while the previous one does not that could be the cause of the different experience.


                      Presenter publishes content at the resolution of PowerPoint which in turn depends on the system resolution. If you can publish a PPT and a PPTx on the same system you should get output with the same size. Please do run this test and let me know what you observe.





                      <NIRUPAM TEWARY

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                        Matt_@_CPS Level 1



                        Both of these courses have audio, so if audio didn't play when you viewed one of them it may not have loaded properly. 


                        Again my system's display resolution is set at 1440x900, so why would Presenter publish these presentations at 900x550 and 720x540 if it is supposed to publish them at the system resolution?



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                          nirupam_tewary Level 1

                          Hi Matt


                          You are right and I do hear audio on both of the urls; however, both of these appear to play smoothly today. Would it be possible for you to share the ppt and pptx (alongwith their assets) so that we can take a better look? You could zip and send it across to me on my email ntewary’at’adobe.com. Could you also verify if the 2 contents play equally smoothly locally (outside of Connect)?


                          Regarding the resolution, please verify the page size as specified in PowerPoint (for Office 2010, this is under Design tab > Page setup); the default is usually 10 inch x 7.5 inch which translates to 794 x 540 pixel size for Presenter, irrespective of PPT or PPTx; in your case, it is possible that the size has been modified for the files you have tested with as all files default to this size unless explicitly over-ridden.


                          On any device, a given pixel size should translate to the same physical dimensions.


                          Let me know what you find.



                          <NIRUPAM TEWARY

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                            Matt_@_CPS Level 1

                            Ah yes, thank you. I think that is the thing I was missing with the output size. These presenations usually render the same playback results locally as they do on Connect, for me at least. I will be getting a new machine soon so i am curious to see if that has any effect. I will report back when that time comes. At least I can adjust the output size for now. Thanks for your help.