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    Urgent: Gradient transparency in Flash to background

    genoism Level 1

      Ok so here is my issue. I have a flash file with a gradient that needs to match the gradient of an HTML exactly. Unfortunately, it doesn't work - there is always a slight area where the borders of the html and flash file don't match up.


      Things I've done:

      Took the HTML image into photoshop, cut out the background area of where the flash file will be placed and pasted that gradient background into flash, still off slightly.
      The flash file fits perfectly into the html image (height wise) so it is clearly not a pixel off or two in any direction.


      I tried creating a mask of a sort in photoshop as you can see here :


      This mask is layered at the very top in the flash file and set as a mask...theoretically - it should blend with the html even if its off a few pixels...right? Except that it doesn't! (You can even see the border of where it starts fading very slightly in the final file).


      Any idea's on what I can do to make it blend perfectly? Doesn't flash have a way of creating a gradient mask? Please please please help, my client is breathing down my neck and I don't know how to fix this!