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    Mail merge with Acrobat???

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      Well maybe not a mail merge in the classic sense.


      I need to have one form filled out with three hundred different names. The form is a letter with just "Dear " in it and I need to add the name, "Dear John", "Dear Jane", etc,


      I have 300 names and I want to know if I can script the PDF file to read from an XML file (or something else?) and populate this form 300 times. Is it possible to do anything like this?

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          Yes, it is possible.  I have done exactly that with Acrobat 6.0.  However, I am trying to get it to work with Acrobat Professional 9.0 & 10.0.  Since I scripted it already, my question posted on December 1, 2010 is more specific.


          I used an Excel file for the database.  Everytime the form was populated with the new row of data, my javascript would print the form, and continue until each data set (or row) was entered and the form was printed.


          So far, in Adobe 9.0 Professional the javascript is not working, which is why I posted my question on this forum.  There is a bit of coding involved.  I copied and modified the coding from Extending Acrobat Form with Javascript, by John Deubert to fit my needs.  In addition you have to have your computer recognize the database with ODBC which is explained in that book.


          I also had to create a range name in Excel for the Excel database that I used, so that the specific range would be recognized as a "Table" in the javascript code, which now does not work with Acrobat 9.0 Professional.  Maybe I can get it to work on the new version of Acrobat?  We'll see.


          Another suggestion would be to use Adobe LiveCyle and create your form there.  I believe LiveCycle has the ability to do what you want, but I do not know how.