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    Scan text file until value appears then do action


      I have batch file that runs on the server from cold fusion

      .  It kicks off a program that takes a variable amount of time to complete.  When this program starts it creates a file called response.xml.  As it runs, it updates this file.  The last value it puts in is always the same.  It is an indicator that it is done.


      Is their some function I can use from cold fusion that would run the program on the server like it currently does, and then scan that file till that value appears.  Once that value appears it kicks off another program on the server.


      Currently I have cold fusion run the first batch file.  Then I usually wait 5 minutes (which is one minute over the max time the program has ever taken to run).  I then have cold fusion run a second program on the server.  I would like to automate the entire process.


      Any help would be appreciated.