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    Timecode burn in for dalies?

    Tayedrummer Level 1

      I've got about 40 min of 50Mb LongGOP MXF files captured from a Nanoflash drive that I'd like to cook into a BluRay or DVD with a timecode window burn displaying the timecode of the source material using Premiere CS 5.0.2.


      My approach was to drag all the files onto a sequence, nest that sequence into new sequence, drop the timecode effect onto the new sequence and render it out but the timecode displayed just references the nested sequence and not the original timecode of the source files themselves even if I select "media" from the timecode source.  I get the same results when trying to apply the timecode burn to a transparent video layer.


      I can select all the files in the original sequence and then drag/drop the timecode effect on them but it defaults to "clip" as the timecode source and it looks like I'd have to change it for every single clip (not practical).


      Any suggestions?