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    Multiple monitors and/or Reference monitor in Premiere Pro


      Harm -- I've been meaning to email you to again thank you for your recent recommendation of the GTX 470 board for my Win7-CS5 editing computer. It seems to be working extremely well. But I'm now pouring through all the posts about external monitoring, since I've always had that with a nice Sony CRT monitor. I can live with turning the MPE on and off to export to tape. But running things through my video camera to feed a monitor seems like a klutzy work-around.


      So I'm a bit confused about which of the two other options is preferable. Sounds like some folks are doing well with a BlackMagic Desklink Studio 2 card ... while others are opting for a second video card to feed that third screen.


      Like the video display card question, this external monitor issue seems to be puzzling a lot of folks. (I see some 400 people looked at one of these recent posts).


      What's your take on it? Second display card to feed that third monitor ... or a blackmagic box? Pros and cons? Caveats and things to watch out for?


      Thanks in advance for your thoughts about this!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          On both approaches I have to pass. There have been two threads recently on using a second video card to drive a third monitor and there are a number of people with BM cards. I do not belong to that category, but from reading posts I know that BM was a bit late in supplying 64 bit drivers and the initial drivers were not very reliable, but recently it seems to have worked out.


          I hope someone who went either way can tell you their experiences and the caveats.

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            billmatthiesen Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply, Harm. Yeah -- I know this is another moving target. By now, many of us are used to encountering all kinds of unexpected problems as we add on extra cards to our systems. After my poor experience with the matrox rtx2 and cs4 I'm reluctant to go with them again for anything.But there have been some positive posts about the blackmagic cards.


            I'm wondering whether anyone has been successfully using the Blackmagic UltraStudioPro under Win7-64 with CS5? This is the one which features longer and beefier input/output cables, but requires an add-on USB 3.0 card for many motherboards.


            As usual, the devil is in the details ...