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    Moving a SWF containing relative Links no longer work




      I've come to the experts.


      I created a Flash Catalyst Project that contains external URL links. I actual want them to be internal relative links.


      I've followed the process of using to Flash Builder to edit the Main.mxml file to change to a relative path.


      I hit the Project/Export Release Build...


      I open the SWF file in Flash Player from with in the 'bin-release' folder and it all works great. However when I move the swf file to another folder that actually contains what would be the same relative path to the files I want to link it no longer works.


      If I look at the content of the swf file in a third party editor/viewer app the relative path is correct.


      I'm probably missing something very fundamental but just can't 'click' to it, pun intended.


      Thanks for your assitance