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    How can I check the date a clip was shot?

    synterx Level 1

      My old workflow was mini-DV tapes directly into iMovie HD. In iMovie HD I simply double clicked a clip in the timeline (or anywhere for that matter), and up a window would pop with some info, including the exact date the clip was shot.


      I really need to organize my movies by date and time. One big reason I didn't move to FinalCut express or even the newer iMovies was because I couldn't view this important metadata that I know is embedded in every clip.


      So, I have since bought a lower end Sony camcorder that only records in .mpg format. iMovie has a hard time with that (HD is several years old now...).


      I downloaded the Trial version of Premiere Elements 9 for mac, and am wondering, praying, hoping, that I can somehow find this info right within the timeline. The raw .mpg files on my drive have a date assigned to them, just like any new file on a computer has a date created assigned.


      So, is there a way to view this metadata on clips within Premiere Elements?


      I right clicked on a clip and chose Show Properties, but that doesn't include anything like the date.