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    Areca RAID Battery Backup Module Problem


      From the advice on this forum, I decided to go for an Areca 1680ix-12 and I've had it for about a week.  I now have a 6 disk RAID 3 running.  However, the battery back up unit was delayed, so I have only been testing the RAID so far and haven't enabled the write cache.  I received the battery unit today, and if I install it and boot the machine, I start getting the familiar Area beep sound that something is wrong.  If I have a look in the log, I see an 'under voltage' error.  Upon further examination, if I look in the hardware monitor, the 'CPU +1.2V' is running at less than 1.2 - somewhere around 1.08 (can't remember the exact number now).  I assume this is where the error is coming from.  If I unplug the batter backup and reboot, it stays consistent at 1.2 (or higher) with no voltage errors or beeping.  Anybody seen this before?  I'm thinking the battery unit is DOA, unless one of the gurus around here know how to fix this.





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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          First check that the BBM is properly connected. It is very easy to have it come loose or misaligned. I would have liked a different location of the connector, for instance on the top of the board instead of at the back, so installing it afterwards, as in your case, would have been easier and less error prone.


          The hardware monitor should probably be telling you that it is charging. In my case the CPU voltage shows 1.184V with a fullly charged (100%) battery. Keeping it charged will likely put a small drain on that voltage, but when it is charging, the drain can be larger.

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            cjcraze Level 1



            Thanks for the reply.  I triple checked that the cable was properly seated on both the BBM and the 1680ix.  It's just the single cable correct?  No other power cables necessary?  It currently says 'Charging(96%)', however when the BBM is connected all the hardware readings are normal except for the CPU 1.2V which is at 1.12V dropping down to 1.08.  When it hits 1.088, that's when under voltage error appears, which is about every 5 minutes while I'm trying to get this battery charged.


            Should I wait until the battery is charged to see if the voltage goes up a bit, close to your 1.184V?  However, even if a charged battery fixed the situation, it doesn't seem right to me that you can't run the card without a fully charged battery.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              I never encountered that problem, but what does Areca support say about this? In my experience they are quick to respond.

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                cjcraze Level 1

                yes, they were quick to respond actually, just heard back from them.  They said to verify that the correct cable was being used and that it was connected properly.  After that, they said it's probably a defective unit.


                I've contacted the retailer where I bought it and they're sending me a new one.  So hopefully that fixes it!  I'll post a quick note back here to let people know if that fixed it.


                By the way, Harm, I just thought I'd let you know that all your posts on this forum related to disks, graphics cards and RAIDs have been very valuable to me while researching parts for my computer build.  Much appreciated.

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                  cjcraze Level 1

                  I sent back the BBM and got a new one, installed it and everything works fine now.  The CPU +1.2V is now running at exactly 1.2V.  So it must have just been a bad unit.