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    Trouble Sharing Premier Elements Video on Photoshop.com


      Hello Experts,

      I'm having trouble sharing a premier elements video on photoshop.com.  I've created a video, and through the Elements "share" functionality, have successfully uploaded it to my personal photoshop.com URL.  However, I'm having a couple issues (which may be related):

      1. 1.     First, when I log in with my account to my personal URL, I am able to access and play the video.  However, when I'm not logged in (as my friends and family would be), I can see the video, but am unable to play it.  When I click the small icon (while not logged in), it takes me to the video play page, but when I hover my mouse over the video, a mouseover says "We're sorry, but we were unable to create a version of your video for display on the web".  Again, wham I am logged in with my account, I am easily able to play the video successfully.
      2. Next, even when logged in, when I choose to open the "PhotoShop Express Organizer", and then click the video that I’ve uploaded, the “share” button at the bottom of the page is not enabled. The "remove" buttoned is the only one that is enabled, thus I am unable to use this approach to share either.


      If anyone has had this issue or can tell me if I'm doing something wrong, I'd greatly appreciate it.