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    Some special effects


      I am working on a video for school and I was wondering if someone could tell me how to do some effects in Premier.


      The first effect I want is to show a person walking down a hall or sitting at a table and she is moving in real time, or slowed down, and everything is moving fast around her.  Can this be done in Premier? or will I have to go to another program?


      The second and last effect I want is to have certain colors stand out.  Is there a way to make everything black and white except for the color red, say, a red hat? Or to mute all the other colors and make the red very vibrant.


      I feel like the first effect may be able to be done in Premier, but the second may be something for after effects?  If I am wrong please correct me.


      If someone could let me know how to do these effects, or where I can find guides on how to do them that would be great.




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          shooternz Level 6

          The second one is actually the easiest of the two...so I will take  a shot at that and give you some clues ( without actually doing a step by step).


          You can do it in PPRO but you need to experiment a bit and you do need to shoot it properly .


          Take a look at simply creating Black and White in an image.  Basically it is a fully desaturated image (ie No color)  3 way color corrector effect.


          Look at Levels  ( tone control)


          Look at layering  eg  2 or more layers of the same video on top of each other


          Most important ....Look at Blending Modes.  These have the effect of blending layers stacked on top of each other with each other ( they are a drop down in the Opacity Effect)


          Look at Color Replace Effect for a crude effect that may do it for you as well.



          Another vital and powerful effect - Secondary Color Correction. This isolates color via a mask and allows you to shift it.


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            Harm Millaard Level 7



            The first effect is not too difficult either, if you make the right preparations. Shoot the person on a green screen and shoot the desired background. If she is walking down a hallway, make sure that your shot of the hallway is taken from the same position and angle as the green screen shot. Then use Ultra to key out the green background and use the hallway shot with speed increased to create your desired effect.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              You can also use the Color Replacement or Removal Effects:


              1. Color Pass
              2. Color Replace
              3. Leave Color
              4. Change to Color


              Good luck,




              PS - Adobe Classroom in a Book Premiere Pro CS5 steps one through the use of these, their limitations and their application. Nice job Curt!