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    Is there a known problem with USB microphones?

    dorich24 Level 1


      OS X 10.5.8

      Premiere Elements 9

      Hardware Intel iMac


      I use a USB mic with all my audio applications.


      However, it appears that PrE doesn't see the mic for narration.  I've set up the audio hardware preferences to use the Default System Input/Output but no recognition of the mic.

      The mic works fine on all my other applications and is selected in system preferences to be the input of choice, and tests indicate it is recognized.


      I changed the audio hardware selection in PrE to use the built in mic and it works as expected.


      So I'm led to wonder if there is a problem with using a USB mic?


      The documentation, referencing windows only, mentions plugging in a microphone to the microphone socket on the PC, not mention of a USB mic?


      Any pointers to where I might find a solution?