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    Help merging 2 (Personalised) Accounts


      I have recently purchased a Sony E-Reader after having purchased a reader for my mum previously. We would like to be able to share books, but have noted that whilst this is permitted, it is only possible if we are using the same ADE ID. In order to do this we would like to merge her existing account in to our new joint account.


      Having read the FAQs it seems that this is possible, however can not be done without the support of Adobe.


      I had sent a query via the web (Case Number 0181904266) which ended up with Yogesh Kumar at Technical Support. He then wrote to advise that this was a customer service issue, and he had therefore opened a case for me with Customer Services (Case Number 204744499). So far so good, happy with the service.


      However I have since received an email from Michael in Adobe Support in response to the case created by Yogesh, advising me that this is a techical issue and I should contact Technical Support!! Talk about going around in circles - surely Michael can see that the case came from Technical Support!


      I appreciate that ADE is a free software for the user, but that's no excuse for poor customer service.


      Can an Adobe employee here on the Forums possibly assist me with this?


      Many thanks and kind regards